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As of December 31, 2003 the WhyAreYouAngry.com website has gone into a dormant state. The archives of all past submissions are still available (click the Archive button below).



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* Anger does not have to be destructive. It can actually be helpful by telling you when something is wrong in your life and you need a change. It can also provide the motivation for such change.

* Anger is destructive when it controls your decisions. Saying or doing things to others because you are angry only poisons the world – and that anger is likely to be eventually redirected back at you by the people you originally attacked. Anger is often sadness turned inside out. Try to determine the source of your pain and address those issues, not just the feelings of anger.

* One way to deal productively with anger is to simply observe it. When you feel anger coming on, take a step back and don't let it overwhelm you. Try to determine why you are angry and problem solve those issues, rather than be swept away by the anger itself. If you are having a difficult time controling your anger, try to cool off (counting to 10 actually can work as can striking an inanimate object such as a pillow).


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